year one

year one

365 days with our little human.

I wish I could write what I’m feeling, but the emotions are bigger than words. I found myself unexpectedly crying in my kitchen at 8:35 this morning – the time that Ro arrived on this day last year. We made it. We did it.

I am so proud. I am so grateful. I am so tired.

I kinda feel like the past year was boot camp. And now it gets even wilder, fuller, more exhausting, easier in some ways but mostly harder in different ways. I don’t know. Standing on the cusp on toddlerhood, I’m facing the unknown in a similar way I did with a brand new infant. I won’t know what our story will be like until we’re living it. In the thick of it.

I only know two things. 1) We can do this. Year two.

And 2) I keep falling more and more in love with my kid. He is a delightful, charming, kind, hilarious, inquisitive human, revealing more and more of his personality and Being with each day. And I’m in love. Love love love love.

It turns out I found some words after all.